Quick Review of Engelberg Antiks

Engelberg AntiksIf you’re looking for something vintage, classic, and unique, you have to go to Engelberg Antiks. It’s probably the biggest antique shop in Salem, Oregon where you can find all things quality, vintage, and rare. It’s been open since 1984 and a lot of people visit the shop to find various selections of antiques, records, clothes, toys, collections, and more. Beautiful crafts, treasures, and furniture can also be found in the basement of the mall. The booths or boutiques found inside the antique mall are rented by individuals who constantly bring in new finds and exciting items. Also, the prices are cost-effective and sometimes, the booth owner can even give you a discount depending on the negotiation. Finally, all the boutiques are neatly arranged, all their items are well-organized, and all the staff and people there are approachable and friendly. It’s always worth coming back to Engelberg Antiks to buy amazing and unique stuff for the house or the office.
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Engelberg Antiks, 148 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 97301